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The Tyre Industry Doing Good in 2023

We all work hard in this life to undertake good deeds to balance out the bad that occurs as an unwitting result of our actions. This fact is clearer than ever in the tyre industry, where tyre particulate emissions and micro-plastics have added to the ills of an industry that always hung in the balance. That said, the tyre industry has risen to the challenge with aplomb, confronting sustainability, protecting forests, aiding rubber farmers and supporting local communities.

Here are some of the stand-out stories.

Michelin and Pirelli lead quietly on rubber sustainability

Context Group assessed 11 major tyre industry players based on their performance in four areas of rubber sustainability: tyre and road wear particles, sustainable natural rubber, end-of-life tyres and environmental performance.

All the big ones were there and while most companies sourced sustainable rubber in the first instance, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and Pirelli stood out by caring for rubber sustainability throughout the life-cycle. 

Unusually, Michelin and Pirelli edged the competition by being more apt to speak up about their good deeds, where the competition was quieter. This seemed like an unusual outcome in a world blighted by greenwashing and hollow promises, but it is reassuring to know that some companies at least are better at the conservation than conversation. Well done you two!

Continental – Protecting forests and livelihoods in Indonesia

Leading tyre and auto parts company, Continental A.G. are pairing with German aid agency GIZ to teach Indonesian farmers to harvest rubber in harmony with the forest. Their aim is to cut down deforestation, land grabbing and other harmful practices, while helping to strengthen the community that grows the rubber. Ultimately, the project aims to create long-lasting earth-friendly practices that benefit the region for many years to come. 

Cooper Tires – Cleaning up the production line and the community 

Cooper Tires recently took the huge step, motivated by a grassroots drive within one of their factories, to replace the existing dirty and unsustainable oil in their factories with clean and sustainable bio oil. 

Their corporate social responsibility goes beyond the factory wall, too. Cooper partners with a wide range of education, youth development, community building and safety assuring programmes in the communities where it has major plants. These are just a few of the ways OTR tyre companies are changing the world for the better.

And we are too…

Help out – Recycle with us

If you want to help us make the tyre industry just a little more ethical, you can recycle your tyres with us, sending zero waste to landfill. Learn how, here.

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